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The Player Keyring

Why do I need keys? It’s a digital game!


What is the Player Keyring?

chrome_pef0Ft4VVy.png.7e1365a6a162d2e2495dfc381c630769.pngTypes of Keys

There are currently 8 keys in total that unlock a variety of locks. Most have a specific lock they can unlock, granting the player access to additional areas of the game. At the time of typing this, 1 of those keys is tradeable, but more on that in another announcement. 



chrome_sLoc6Y2Njj.png.38b695194db6b357b296bb9d86aaf605.pngWhere can I find them?

Of the 8 keys currently available, 7 can be obtained as rewards for completing guests in the Main Progression quest line. 1 will be gifted to the player via a redeemable code available on our social network accounts shortly after game launch. A new key will be introduced further down the line that is only available to players who subscribe to the VIP plan. Details are still yet to be worked out on this, so, essentially, you can ignore the fact that it exists until there’s a way of obtaining it.




P.S. Apologies for the delay in announcements – I’m currently about 3 weeks behind but I’ll catch up before launch date! ? 

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